3 Types of escorts you will probably meet

If you intend to have more than just one appointments with high-class escorts, then you will probably encounter a wide variety of courtesan types. Women who work in this field are from different backgrounds and, as many of us, they have different point of views about their careers. Let’s see the most common types of escorts you are likely going to meet:

The one who accidentally became an escort

Not all women who work in this business industry have imagined since their childhood that they were going to become escorts. Some of them really didn’t intend to join this field (at least not for more than just a booking or two).

There are many reasons which can make a woman (especially a young one) getting introduced with this sort of career. Some escorts started this activity for gaining some extra money, some just wanted to see how it would be like living this lifestyle, and the list can go on. If you will meet this type of escorts, then you will certainly observe the fact that these women have a huge appreciation for what their position offers them and they are definitely willing to be the best they can for each one of their clients.

The one called the sugar babe

You may wonder why we call this category of escorts sugar babes. Well, these are the kept women, who often join the escort industry only after they discover that their power over a man can get them many material possessions.

This type of escorts includes all women who are usually taken by older clients who have a fat bank account. These wealthy gentlemen who just want to keep fresh and young (of course, while still maintaining a respectable life in the eyes of society) offer to a sugar babe anything she wishes for, starting from an impressive designer wardrobe, nice car, to expensive trips all over the world. So, if you meet this type of escort, then you can be sure that she is going to be there for you, whenever you may want .. of course, as long as you keep supplying the money.

The part-time escort

The part-time escort category is formed by those women who live double lives. Therefore, they do not consider this job as a long-term one. They only work in this business in order to gain some substantial amounts of money which can allow them afford more than their normal job does.

The part-time escorts are often students who can’t afford paying their tuitions, and want more for them in the future. These women work only on the free weekends, evenings or on some other days they have off. Also, these escort’s availability is extremely limited. As a client, you must be flexible and schedule your appointment very carefully.

Have you ever met one of these types of escorts?




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